30 June, 2012

CALL to ARTISTS: performance and visual artists in LA. Present your cause, get paid.

Pershing Square (Olive and 6th Streets).
Site of the upcoming USSSA rally on Sunday, July 15th.

CALL to ARTISTS: Visual and performance artists with a political cause

USSSA’s revolution: an artist organized rally
When: Sunday, July 15th (2:30 - 4:30pm)
Where: Pershing Square (corner of Olive and 6th Streets)

Deadline: July 11th, 2012

Who:  Any performance or visual artist who is committed to a political cause and is compelled to voice its relevance in a public forum.  Suzanne Lacy, Sharon Hayes and William Pope.L are notable precedents for artists in the public forum and the richness and complexity of public discourse continues to proliferate among contemporary artists.  Street art and protest art are especially potent forces among the LA arts community and all forms of speech (silent and visual, vocal and pedantic) are welcome.

Why:  Artists represent a variety of causes that are often neglected by mainstream media.   Documentation of this event will be included with subsequent rallies in Chicago and New York.  It will be made available on YouTube and eventually be included in USSSA exhibitions (with name credits to all the artists.)

What:  In response to authoritarian models of speech (one speaker, one platform, a large homogeneous audience, corporate/militant organization) this rally is set-up to be more accessible and to widely represent important causes that are often pushed to the margins.

    ·      Artists stand on level-ground in an oval-formation.
    ·      Each artist speaks/performs for one minute (cued by a bell.)
    ·      Each artist receives 50% of the proceeds from USSSA’s current fundraising page on Indiegogo.
    ·      Each artist will be credited by name in the documentation of the rally, in exhibition and online video formats.

To register for one of our available slots, please email the following information to usssartists[at]gmail[dot]com:

    ·      Name
    ·      A URL link to your work and/or at least three images at no less than 300dpi.
    ·      Tell us about the issue you will be performing/speaking about, in 1-20 words.  Remember, everyone has one minute so it's best to be clear and concise.
    ·      A PA and mic will be furnished.  Please inform us if you require additional props or if your presentation poses any evident risk.
    ·      Please write “Pershing Square artist rally” in the subject header.

To learn more about our exhibition and current artists, including Wafaa Bilal, Sarah Sense and Dread Scott, visit: http://www.facebook.com/USSSartists

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