13 August, 2012

Deadline: Sept. 30th, 2012

"Ideasign, USA" m. ryan noble, watercolor on paper, 2012

USSSA initiative
We need you to redesign the US flag!

    ·      All contributions will be featured and credited in our
        2013 exhibition.

    ·      Contributions are requested in the format of .JPG files at
        no less than 300dpi.

    ·      A description of no more than 50 words may
        accompany your work, but it is not required.

    ·      All contributions must be received by November 30th, 2012.

    ·      Any fabricated works will be considered for display in
   the exhibition through evaluating the terms of our
   space and resources.

    ·      All images and descriptions will be included in a proposal
        to US Congress this October, 2012, requesting that the
        US flag be revised for our contemporary era.  Much
        has changed since 1960 and our initiative will more
        fully represent these developments in a
        compelling collection of images.

    ·      Please write “redesign the US flag” in the subject header.

Email your contributions to:


Thank you,

m. ryan noble
USSSA, organizer

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